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Big Basin is closed indefinitely due to the August 2020 lightning fire; see the Big Basin page for details.


Blooms Creek was constructed in the 1930s and was Big Basin’s first tent campground. It’s the most centrally located of Big Basin’s campgrounds and is the only one within easy walking distance of the visitor center, where all the activities are held. It also has the most impressive redwoods and is the closest to the main trailhead. When it’s not busy, it’s a really sweet campground.

The problem is that it’s really busy on summer weekends; the central loop in particular feels densely packed with campsites, and there isn’t much shrubbery to isolate the sites from each other. The campground also gets a decent amount of traffic noise from Big Basin Way, with a car driving by every few minutes.

Part of the campground is up on a hillside across Blooms Creek. This area is a little further from the road and feels slightly quieter and a bit more isolated. On the other hand, although it’s still in old-growth redwoods, it’s in a less-spectacular upland environment with smaller redwoods and lots of huckleberry shrubs. In general, in Big Basin that the bigger the redwoods, the noisier the campsite.

Blooms Creek Campground is a drive-in tent campground, meaning that you park right next to your campsite and pitch a tent. It’s not really intended for RVs, since the roads are narrow with some really tight turns; the big RV that shows up in a lot of campground photos is actually the camp host’s RV. RVs over 27 feet and trailers over 24 feet are not allowed and there are no hookups.

Each campsite has picnic table, a firepit with a cooking grate, and a bear box. There’s a maximum of 8 people (of any age) per campsite. The fee includes parking for one car; each additional car is $10/night. If you have more than 2 cars, the extra cars have to park in the main parking lot by park headquarters.

The campground is open from the week before Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. In April, May, September, and October the campground is open Friday and Saturday nights only.

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