Ed R. Levin County Park

California > San Francisco Bay Area

A view of Sandy Wool Lake and the park’s central basin with the Santa Clara Valley in the background

Levin County Park is a nice, quiet park that features a little lake and a golf course, and also extends up to the high ridge that towers over Milpitas. It has paragliding and hang gliding facilities and on a nice day a few paragliders may be circling overhead. In sharp contrast to adjacent Mission Peak, the park is never very busy, because it’s maybe not quite as attractive and charges a $5 entrance fee.


* * Monument Peak (9.1 miles, 2210 ft)
Monument Peak has the same great views as nearby Mission Peak but without the crowds. Even though it overlooks the vast urbanized plain of the South Bay, it has a surprisingly quiet, backcountry feel.

Ed R. Levin County Park


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