DeMartin Backcountry Camp

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Site 3

DeMartin is a backcountry camp in an outlying section of Redwood National Park just south of Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. Getting there requires about a three mile hike on the Coastal Trail from either the Wilson Beach parking lot to the south or an unmarked pullout on Highway 101 to the north.

The camp is on a sunny plateau covered with patchy spruce and alder woodland interspersed with blackberry brambles. The area naturally doesn’t have any redwoods, and although the camp is close to the ocean there aren’t any ocean views. The whoosh of traffic from Highway 101 can be heard throughout the camp.

Site 1


Each site has a picnic table (most heavily covered with moss), a food storage locker, and a fire ring. Site 5’s picnic table is broken. There’s one outhouse.

It’s free to stay here, but you have to apply for a backcountry camping permit between 2 and 28 days before your stay. The permit guarantees that a site will be available for you, but you can’t reserve a specific site. There’s a maximum 5-day stay. There are supposed to be 10 sites, but one of them is just a picnic table with no food storage box, fire ring, or site number.

Map of DeMartin Backcountry Camp

Site 5

Site 9


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