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Elam Camp

Open all year · Free
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Elam Camp

Elam Creek is a backcountry camp for equestrians and backpackers that’s just off the Redwood Creek Trail, about three miles from the Redwood Creek trailhead. The camp is just a wide spot in the trail with three picnic tables and two bear boxes; a few yards further down the trail is a side trail that climbs up into the redwoods, where an outhouse is perched on the steep hillside. A few yards further still is a corral and horse trough with another bear box.

The setting is second-growth redwood forest, which, although not nearly as dismal as 44 Camp, still isn’t especially scenic. However, the side trail that passes by the outhouse climbs into some pretty nice old-growth redwoods.

The camp is about a two and a half mile hike from the Redwood Creek parking lot. Getting to the camp that way requires crossing Redwood Creek, which is only possible when the creek is low, usually in the summer and early fall.

A sign indicates that the camp is for equestrians only and that backpackers should camp on Redwood Creek. However, backpackers can now stay at the camp.

The camp is free but you need to get a permit from Kuchel Visitor Center. Reservations are not available.

Map of Elam Camp



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