Whittemore Grove

Length 0.1 mi · Climbing 10 ft
California > Humboldt Redwoods and Vicinity > John B. Dewitt Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Whittemore Grove, Dewitt Redwoods

The Whittemore grove is the most impressive of Dewitt’s three groves. It’s just across the Eel River from the town of Redway, and a half-mile of busy Briceland Road runs through middle of the grove. The road actually provides the best look at the old growth, but there’s also a little parking lot where you can get out of the car and walk through a small but attractive patch of pretty good-sized old-growth redwoods. Most of the groundcover in the middle of this grove has been worn away; this seems to be a popular stopping point and people are often walking around among the redwoods.

To reach the grove, take Briceland Road through Redway and then cross the Eel River. The twisty two-lane road gets a surprising amount of traffic, with lots of pickup trucks roaring along at ludicrously high speed.From the bridge across the Eel River there’s a very scenic view of the redwoods lining the banks and the hillsides above. Just a few yards past the river is a parking area on your right.

For such a small redwood grove, Whittemore Grove is surprisingly busy in the summer, with a car pulling into the little parking lot every five or ten minutes. Maybe that’s because it’s on a road to the coast or because of the nearby campgrounds.

Whittemore Grove, Dewitt Redwoods

There aren’t any official trails in the grove, just a gated dirt road that cuts through the grove for about 300 yards. The road turns right and starts to climb a hill before the old growth gives way to redwood uplands with small redwoods or, in places, no redwoods. The road is actually a driveway for the nearby YMCA campgound, and depending on the time of year, campground guests (who have a key to the gate) may drive by on the road, making it somewhat unpleasant for a walk of more than a few minutes. In any case, the road isn’t especially scenic after the old growth ends.

If there’s enough groundcover, there may also be a short unofficial trail through the grove.

Unofficial trail in Whittemore Grove, Dewitt Redwoods



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