Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

and Augustin Bernal Park
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The view from Pleasanton Ridge


Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is located on a prominent, scenic wooded hillside above the town of Pleasanton. The most popular part of the park is located on the southern end of Pleasanton Ridge.

A much larger and more scenic unit to the north (separated from the southern unit by Pleasanton’s Augustin Bernal Park) features the ridge and a quiet, isolated valley beyond. This area requires more hiking to get to so it gets fewer visitors. The new Castleridge entrance has made it a little easier to get to this part of the park; another entrance near the north end is expected to open in about 5 years and promises to be the most scenic of all.

A large swath of Sunol Ridge, the next ridge to the west, is supposed to be added to the park eventually.


*** Turtle Pond (9.7 miles, 1770 ft)
This long hike in the park’s quiet northern section climbs to a prominent ridgetop with great views of the Tri-Valley area, then continues into the park’s isolated backcountry.

* The Ridgeline and Thermalito Trails (7.8 miles, 1680 ft)
This hike in the park’s popular southern section loops around the ridgetop.

The Thermalito Trail at the south end of the park


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