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Select a campground to see a detailed review. Only park-owned campgrounds are shown; this area also has some privately-owned campgrounds, which tend to be more RV-oriented.

Campgrounds in Humboldt Redwoods

All of these campgrounds are in second-growth redwoods.


Baxter and Hamilton Barn Environmental Camps

May–Sep · $20/night + $8

The minimally-developed “environmental” camps require a short walk to your site and don’t have showers or flush toilets, but provide a much more peaceful, natural experience. It’s like a backpacking camp but you don't need a backpack.


Albee Creek Campground

May–Oct · $35/night + $8

A small, quiet campground way out on Mattole Road just past the end of the old-growth redwoods. Mostly in the deep shade of small second-growth redwoods, but a few sites are at the edge of a sunny meadow.


Hidden Springs Campground

May–Sep · $35/night + $8

A large, sprawling campground with a suburban feel: it’s very spread out and has lots of privacy, but you have to get in your car and drive to go anywhere.


Burlington Campground

Open all year · $35/night + $8

Clean, well-maintained, and in a convenient location, but gets a lot of traffic noise and is in a heavily-logged grove with lots of huge stumps.

Campgrounds in other parks


Van Duzen County Park

Swimmer’s Delight Campground

Open all year · $25–$35/night

In a shady redwood grove in a bend of the Van Duzen River. Well away from the road, with widely-separated sites that offer lots of privacy. Has some old-growth redwoods.


Richardson Grove State Park

Huckleberry, Madrone, and Oak Flat

Open all year · $35/night + $8

Three large, popular campgrounds right next to Highway 101. They get a lot of traffic noise, but about 10 sites have pretty impressive lowland redwoods.


Standish–Hickey State Park

Hickey, Rock Creek, and Redwood

Open all year · $35/night + $8

Hickey and Rock Creek are right next to Highway 101 and get a lot of traffic noise; Redwood, open in summer only, is in the bottom of the Eel River gorge and is much nicer, although its redwoods are second growth.

Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park

Grizzly Creek Campground

May–Sep · $35/night + $8

In a scenic old-growth redwood grove next to the Van Duzen River, but all the campsites are within a few yards of State Route 36 and are plagued with constant high-speed traffic noise.

Benbow State Recreation Area

Benbow Campground

Memorial Day–Labor Day · $35/night + $8

Dominated by Highway 101, which cuts right through the campground, but otherwise very nice, with some sites in a shady oak grove and others in a cool, shady redwood grove.

The Avenue of the Giants in Redcrest



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