Angel Island State Park

California > San Francisco Bay Area

The Sunset Trail has great views across Raccoon Strait

Angel Island is a really fun-to-visit park with some of the best scenic views in the Bay Area.

The only way to get to the island is by ferry. Ferries leave from Tiburon every hour between 10 am and 5 pm on summer weekends. There’s also service from the Ferry Building in San Francisco, but there are fewer departures and the round-trip ride is about an hour longer. Either way, the ride to lushly-wooded Ayala Cove is a scenic highlight of a visit to Angel Island.



Mount Livermore

Length 4.8 mi · Climbing 780 ft

Angel Island has the best scenic views of any park in the Bay Area, and the 5-mile Mount Livermore hike is the best way to see them.



Angel Island Campgrounds

Open all year · $35/night + $8

Scattered around Angel Island are 10 campsites, most with scenic views of San Francisco Bay. The sites are so popular that it's practically impossible to book a Saturday night stay, even in winter.

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