Glen Camp

$30/night · Open all year
California > San Francisco Bay Area > Point Reyes National Seashore

Site 10, with sites 3 (barely visible at far left), 4, and 9 in the background

Glen Camp is a backpacking camp in an sheltered meadow surrounded by lush coastal woodland, a 5-mile hike from the Bear Valley trailhead. This is the most attractive part of the Point Reyes interior, with miles of unbroken conifer-carpeted wilderness giving the camp a remarkably remote, backwoodsy feel.

The camp is the least popular of the four Point Reyes campgrounds, maybe because it’s the only one that doesn’t have any kind of ocean view. However, it still fills up every Saturday night and is pretty busy on Friday nights too, even in winter.

There are 12 sites: 4 in the meadow, 4 under the trees at the edge of the meadow, and 4 in the woods. Each site has a picnic table, fire ring, and food locker. There’s potable water and a pit toilet.

The drawback of being in a glen is that with the swirling winds, the smell from the toilet sometimes wafts over the entire campground.

The entire campground, even the wooded parts, is very open, so there isn’t a lot of privacy. Site 5 is the exception; while the picnic table is in very open woods and in view of several other campsites, there’s a tent site a few yards away that’s pretty well screened. Site 10 is the worst; it's awkwardly located in the middle of the meadow, right at the junction of the trails to the other campsites.

Make reservations at recreation.gov. Click on the Loop column to sort the campsites by campground.

Site 1
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Site 4, with sites 10 (at left) and 2 (barely visible under the trees at right) in the background

Site 5, with sites 6 (at left) and 7 in the background. The barbeque grills have now been removed.

Glen Camp map

Site 6, with site 7 in the background

Site 9

Site 11


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