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The Clyma Trail

This quiet, remote preserve is located in the surprisingly scenic foothills east of Mount Diablo. In fact, the eastern foothills are the most scenic part of the Mount Diablo area, with an attractive mix of grasslands and dense woodland. It looks a lot like Pleasanton Ridge or Las Trampas, but with less development nearby.

Morgan Territory is a huge park, but it doesn’t have any marquee attractions. So although its main parking lot gets pretty full on weekends, once inside the park everyone spreads out and it’s pretty quiet.


The Volvon and Blue Oak Trails

Length 5.9 mi · Climbing 300 ft

Starts at Morgan Territory’s main parking lot and runs along an oak-sprinkled ridge with views of the Central Valley.


The Tassajara Creek Trail

Length 7.9 mi · Climbing 1060 ft

From picturesque Finley Road outside Danville, this hike climbs to a high, open ridge in Mount Diablo State Park, then descends through wooded canyons.

Sulphur Springs and Highland Ridge

Length 10.5 mi · Climbing 1880 ft

This hike through open blue oak groves, densely wooded ravines, and scenic ridgetops is easy to get to, but outside of the first and last few miles it gets very few visitors.

Backpacking campgrounds


Morgan Backpack Camp

$5/person/night · Apr–Oct

A single-site trail camp in an attractive little glen, partly shaded by a big oak tree and with a view of Mount Diablo.

The White House, Old Finley Road


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