Los Vaqueros and West Loop

Length 5.6 mi · Climbing 530 ft
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A view of the Los Vaqueros Trail from the West Loop Trail. Click to see a similar view in November.

This hike starts with a walk on the gravel road that runs along Los Vaqueros Reservoir. The road is fairly busy for Los Vaqueros; at peak times you might see a group every 10 – 15 minutes. The hike ends with the scenic and much quieter West Loop Trail (formerly the Danner Trail), which climbs into an attractive blue oak grove with some nice views of Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

From the busy parking lot at the Marina Recreation Area, take the Los Vaqueros Trail north. The wide gravel road meanders along the shore of the reservoir. It isn’t especially scenic at first, but it gradually improves as it approaches the flatlands at the northern tip of Cowboy Cove. Turn around at the intersection with the Oak Savanna Trail.

The Los Vaqueros Trail north of the West Loop Trail

On the way back, turn right at the intersection with the West Loop Trail. The scenery improves dramatically as the trail climbs steeply up the hillside and views of the reservoir open up. The trail begins a gradual descent along an attractive ridge with nice views of the blue oak-covered hills.

The West Loop Trail descends along a ridge

The West Loop Trail

At the bottom of the hill, turn right onto the Los Vaqueros Trail to return to the marina.


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