Slate Creek Trail Camp

Open all year ·  $15/night + $8
California > > Portola Redwoods State Park

Site 4

This backcountry trail camp is on a gently-sloping hillside among second-growth redwoods. It’s an easy 3-mile hike from the trailhead but it has a nice remote feel. The woods are pleasant but unremarkable.

The campground used to be little used, but it seems a lot busier now that it’s one of only two true backcountry camps left in the Bay Area redwoods, the other being Shaw Flat. There are only 6 sites, but sites 1–4 are fairly close together for a backpacking campground.

Most people either do a quick out-and-back hike from the Portola Redwoods visitor center, or use the camp as a stopping point for the challenging Peters Creek hike.

There’s no water and no fire pits at the camp.

The camp is generally really quiet, although once in a while you can hear the distant sound of motorcycles from Skyline Boulevard.

Site 1

Site 3

Site 4

More information

  • See the park’s Backcountry Trail camps page for a helpful calendar showing when sites are available and for instructions on how to make reservations.

Site 5

Campground entrance



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