This is the most comprehensive and useful hiking map of the East Bay. To produce it I've hiked every official trail in the East Bay, most of them multiple times. Unlike online maps generated from government or crowdsourced data, this map shows lesser-known trails, local roads, unofficial trails, and private roads, and it clearly distinguishes between official trails and private or unofficial trails. It replaces dozens of individual park maps with a single map that has a consistent scale and appearance.

The Berkeley Hills side of this map includes:

The Carquinez Strait side includes:

For the second edition, which has been extensively revised, I re-hiked the trails and have made major changes to almost every park (the East Bay park agencies have been exceptionally active). The second edition also has a clearer look; background features have been lightened so that the trails stand out more. The tree canopy layer has been re-drawn with much greater accuracy and detail and the map now distinguishes between free and paid parking lots.

The map is printed on durable waterproof plastic. Unlike some waterproof maps, the ink won't rub off after one or two uses.