Sequoia and Kings Canyon
National Parks:
Generals Highway

First edition, 2013

Printed version

A full-color, double-sided, 26 x 39" map printed on paper at 1:25,000 scale

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$7.95 each

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Downloadable version for mobile devices

A set of three maps (Giant Forest, Grant Grove, and Cedar Grove). A blue dot shows your current position, and tracks can be recorded.

Mobile version · $6.99

Requires the free Avenza Maps app for iOS or Android


This map covers the most popular day hiking areas of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. One side shows the northern half of the Generals Highway including Grant Grove and Redwood Mountain; the other side shows the southern half including the Lodgepole and Giant Forest area, Alta Peak, and Bearpaw Meadow. There’s also a map showing the valley floor of Kings Canyon, including Cedar Grove and Roads’ End. No other map shows all these areas at this level of detail.

The more remote areas like Mineral King, the Atwell and Garfield Groves, and the Eastern Sierra trailheads are not included on this map.

Throughout the map, old-growth sequoia groves are shown in dark green. Trail mileages and campsites are marked.